Managed BigBlueButton Hosting

BiggerBlueButton is smart network that uses multiple BigBlueButton servers spreads world wide to provide stable and reliable Meetings at a reasonable rates and more features.

With BiggerBlueButton you will be able to create your next meeting in the nearest server to your geolocation to reduce latency and even use bigbluebutton API to connect with any third party application including moodle or any LMS.

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Network Cluster

You can easily create your meeting from any place on earth and still can get the best performance and lowest latency thanks to our smart load balancer which will automatically poll the best server according to location and availability

Servers Locations:

Europe (Germany)

South America (USA & Canada)

Asia (Singapore)

India (Mumbai)

MP4 downloadable recordings

Our recordings comes with 2 version, html5 and mp4. you can also choose weather you want to convert every single recording manually or automatically once the recording is available. we also provide MP4 version with our API.

Recordings features:

Daily Backup

MP4 Recording

Html5 Recording

Custom Room Design

Now you can choose one out of many amazing custom room designs offered by us that satisfies your test or you can even contact our support team to request your private design at additional costs

BigBlueButton 2.6

BigBlueButton 2.6 is available right now and our team is not wasting a single hour to fetch the latest updates and improve our deployments.
with BiggerBlueButton you will always be up to date with Bigbluebutton latest features.

In fact we have already tested all new features and insured that everything is bug free (thanks to our deployment team).

BigBlueButton 2.6 New Features:

New whiteboard experience

Amazing layout control

New camera settings (custom virtual background)

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BiggerBlueButton is always free for Personal use, you can always use it to host your Personal meetings and conferences for that are less than 2 hours, you can also get 100MB free storage to store all your recordings

Storage: 100MB
max room capacity: 50
1 Room/Session at one time

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Network of servers spreaded world wide

we host bigbluebutton on many servers spreaded world wide to ensure the highest performance and the lowest latency. our smart load balancer will automatically poll the best server for you that matches the nearest geo location and the lowest latency so that all clients can enjoy bigbluebutton experience at highest level

Professional Support team

we have 6 years of experience and we're ready to support you at any circumistances and help you integrate BigBlueButton with any 3rd party application. we will also provide you with many guides and tutorials on how to integrate bigbluebutton with the most popular platforms such as (moodle, wordpress, etc.)